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Robert Pattinson Has an Unusual Love Affair

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson ignites hearts with his portrayal of eccentric painter Salvador Dali in his upcoming movie Little Ashes. His character will develop an unusual love affair with his friend poet Federico Garcia Lorca. This British drama in the 1922 setting is set to show in limited screening on March 27, 2009.

With his thick accent and heavy mustache, Rob plays the role with confidence despite the fact that he is British. Speaking of his roots, he is born in London along with his two elder sisters Lizzy and Victoria. He started in theater at the age of 15 in Barnes Theater Company. He took both backstage and acting roles until he was discovered by an acting agent. He also tried modelling but because of his androgynous looks, he failed to suceed in this field.

He landed in tv for a supporting role in Ring of the Nibelungs then followed by his portrayal of Rawdly Crawley in the film Vanity Fair. He played Cedric Diggory in the successful film franchise Harry Potter in Har…
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Ryan Phillippe is The Last Battle Dreamer

Hot and sexy actor Ryan Phillippe takes his career a notch higher as he got a lot of movies and performance engagements this and the coming year. After his separation with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, Ryan zooms his career. After his appearance in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in highly-successful Stop Loss, there's no doubt that he regained his career status since his Cruel Intention days. Aside from Stop Loss, you can see more of him as he will be in films Franklyn, Last Battle Dreamer, The Stanford Prison Experiment and Tlatelolco: Mexico 68.

A doting father to Ava and Deacon, he also produces films via his film outfit Lucid Films together with fellow actors Seth Green and Breckin Meyer. He started his career as an actor in a soap opera One Life to Live. Since then, he was flooded with good movie projects such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intention and Antitrust. His gate crash at Reese's birthday lead them to familyhood. Sad to say, their "almost perf…

Matthew Fox is a racer

For boob tube fanatics, you won't fail to list Matthew Fox as one hot men on television today. Now invading the movie scene, he start this year right via Vantage Point as secret agent Kent Taylor. Now, he will appear in live-action flick Speedracer. Portraying Speed's rival Racer X, he will set this movie on fire as far as his acting prowess is concern. The said film will simultaneously show in IMAX theaters on May 9, 2008. Meanwhile, his other flick Vantage Point earns about $43 billion and still counting since it's opening day.

A former model, this sexy actor developed his acting skills at Atlantic Theater Company. He then landed in TV via Wings then appeared in his first featured film My Boyfriend's Back, he stand-out in the teen-drama Party of Five. After the show cancelled in 2000, Matthew was included in another tv series Haunted. Two years have passed and he was known as Dr. Jack Shephard in drama-thriller series Lost. That stint gained him the status of a tv st…

Ryan Reynolds Joins Wolverine Movie

Canadian hotness Ryan Reynolds is set to appear in the upcoming Wolverine movie alongside Hugh Jackman in the title role.
The sexy actor will portray Deadpool, an extraordinary character that posses special healing powers. Although his exposure in the movie is short, it's just a primer for Deadpool's own movie which is in talks as this day of writing. Apart from the films mentioned earlier, he is in talks to do Wally West, another DC Comics adaptation about a man who dreams of becoming The Flash.

He's a versatile actor shifting from comedy to action then comes horror. He appeared in films Van Wilder, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and Blade: Trinity. He also appeared as George Lutz in the horror remake of Amityville Horror then as Chris Brander in Just Friends. A lot of movies comes his way including Definitely, Maybe, Fireflies in the Garden, Adventureland and The Proposal. Well what can I say, he never fail to take every girls breath away.

Josh Hartnett is a paper-mache

30 Days of Night star Josh Hartnett was inked to do Bunraku, a live-action film based on the century-old Japanese puppet show. As he is set to film in Romania, this hot actor explains that this movie is a combination of classic Western and Samurai movies but not a fantasy-type of movie. He will play the revengeful Drifter and the movie will be done with the mix of CGI and practical sets that will create the world of Bunraku. Not to add the use of 4-feet tall puppets who will be manipulated by puppeteers wearing black robes and hoods to chrome with the set. The 29-year old actor recently seen in Sundance Film Festival for the promotion of his upcoming film August.

Having that charismatic dimple-smile makes every girl's heart melt as he starred as Jamie Lee Curtis's son in Halloween H2O. He then appeared in romance-drama Here on Earth alongside Leelee Sobieski and Chris Kline. He did several Hollywood films that marked him as an actor likeBlack Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor. He was…

Chris Pine talks about being Captain Kirk

William Shatner's most-priced role is about to reprise by a young actor in the person of Chris Pine. This sexy actor claimed fame in the movie The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and Blind Dating. Now that its his turn to play Kirk, he doesn't feel the pressure as Mr. Shatner himself wrote him a letter-back about his scheduled portrayal in the movie. The Star Trek movie is set to land in theaters by Christmas.

Piney to his friends and family, he started out in ER and in 2003, he appeared in The Guardian and CSI: Miami. The following year, he starred in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement as Anne Hathaway's love interests. After series of short and independent films, he stared along with Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck. He lead the movie Blind Dating opposite Anjali Jay and starred in the action film Smoking Aces.

He is a showbiz royalty in fact both his father, sister and grandmother are actors. That blood didn't hinder him to establish a name for himself. Apart…

Clive Owen: Blood all over in his new movie

Closer star Clive Owen strut his way to New York City for the filming of his latest film The International. Some of the scenes were shot at The Guggenheim Museum found at Fifth Avenue of the Big Apple. The said movie is about an Interpol agent that will does his ways to pin down a high-profile institution that is the suspect for corruption and murder. He is with Naomi Watts, BrianO'Byrne and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

Made his way from the film Vroom in 1988, this sexy men became a regular in stage and television that marked his talent in acting. He got a critically-acclaimed portrayal in the film Close My Eyes where he played an incestuous brother having desires with her older sister. Then he got Hollywood bigtime when he stared in The Bourne Identity along with Matt Damon and coveting the title role as King Arthur topbilled with Keira Knightley and Ioan Gruffudd. Followed next was his foursome love affair character in Closer that stars Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman.

He won a BAFTA A…